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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rebuilt title? 

Rebuilt title means that the car was in an accident or had some kind of damage such as hail, vandalism, was previously stolen, etc. Once the insurance company's adjuster totals out the vehicle it goes to an insurance auto auction where only licensed dealers can bid on and purchase the vehicle. We purchase our vehicles very selectively. We only buy cars with cosmetic damage to where the engine and integrity of the vehicle was never damaged. Once we purchase them, the vehicles are taken to our licensed body shop to be repaired. When the repairs are complete a full inspection is done and then the car is taken to the DMV to where a licensed inspector takes a look at the vehicle and passes it for resale. Only a licensed, insured, and bonded body shop can do this in the state of Nevada. 

What is the difference between SALVAGE and REBUILT? 

In some states, like California, salvage titles and rebuilt titles are considered the same thing. That’s not the case here in Nevada. In Nevada, when a car is considered totaled, the title is deemed salvage. However once a licensed, bonded and insured body shop fixes the car and it passes the DMV inspection, the title will be considered rebuilt. So the difference between SALVAGE and REBUILT is that a salvage title has not gone through the process of being repaired by a licensed, insured, and bonded company. Salvage also cannot be insured because it has not gone through an inspection at the DMV to be passed to be "road-worthy". With buying a rebuilt title from a trusted and reputable dealer you get the security of knowing exactly who fixed the vehicle and that it passed a thorough inspection. 

Can I still get full coverage on a rebuilt title? 

The short answer is yes! Our customers have no trouble getting insurance on their rebuilt title vehicles and the premiums won’t cost you more on a rebuilt. You can still get full coverage on a rebuilt title as well. The only difference is that if the car were to be totaled out you would be paid out up to 75% of clean retail value. Because of this, Nevada state law requires rebuilt titles to be priced at 25% off of clean retail value. However we automatically list our cars at 30% off of retail price so you should never be upside down in your vehicle when purchasing from Fairway. The only issue that we’ve run into with insurance is on a rare occasion the insurance company who totaled out the vehicle prior does not want to insure the car again. It does not mean you cannot get insurance, other companies will still insure the vehicle just not the company who totaled out the vehicle. This does not happen often but is a possibility at times. 

What is included in my car sale? 

We like to take care of our customers here at Fairway. With every car sale we include warranty, smog check, expedited title fees, full detail with shampoo, oil change, oil filter, air filter, cabin filter for your AC, 30 day permit, temporary registration, and dmv registration service (qualifying customers only.) We always recommend that our customers register through us if they qualify, rather than paying a DMV service $75-$150 to do something that takes minutes online. 

What do I do if something happens to my car? 

In a perfect world, we could promise that our cars would never have problems. Unfortunately that’s a little unrealistic. So while we can’t promise perfection, we can promise that our doors will always be open to our customers for any concerns they have. We always recommend that our customers call us for any kind of car needs or troubles, even after your warranty expires and even if you’re at fault. We are a one stop shop here at Fairway. So whether it be warm A/C, a bumper coming off, a dent from a runaway shopping cart, or just regular maintenance, we are always here to help even outside of your warranty phase.